Two languages (chosen from Chinese, English, French, and Russian) are studied at an advanced level over the two years of the programme, totalling 18 credits each. The “Advanced Language and Translation” courses are complemented by language exercises held by native-speaking instructors.
In the first year, Sociolinguistics and Intercultural Pragmatics provide the theoretical tools for navigating different linguistic systems, along with either Cultural Studies or Italian for the Media, two courses designed to explore cultural and communicative aspects of the language. In the first year, students are also required to select one course from the legal area and one from the economic-business area. Two further elective courses, namely Sustainability and Foundations of European Law, provide the theoretical and methodological background for understanding the themes of Sustainability and the 2030 Agenda, as well as the basics of argumentation.
The second year combines courses with an applied character aiming to provide interdisciplinary education and training, with 12 "free" credits and employment-oriented guidance and training activities (6 credits of mandatory internship and 3 credits of Job Training activities). The final project and exam are assigned 16 credits.


Translated in English by Barbagli Monia, Chahbounia Leila, Failli Martina, Galligani Guia, Maggini Chiara, Martini Giulia, Materazzi Lorenzo, Monzillo Elena, Sandroni Elena.